Tracy Allyn Croysdale specializes in portraiture and architectural images at Tracy Allyn Photography. Her passion is creating photos that make people, places, and projects look their best, whether families or high school seniors, executives or architects, or a fantastically designed interior or exterior of a building. She is a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and is proudly named one of the Best Family Photographers in the D Magazine Guide and a Top 5 Best Portrait Photographer on the Dallas A-List. Croysdale's architectural photography is published in Columns Magazine and has accompanied architectural award winning projects, including awards from Preservation Dallas.

Her obsession with cameras began well before she opened her business in 2005. From the time her Dad taught her the basics of how to focus and expose a picture, photography hooked her. With her first job as a teenager she saved and bought an Olympus OM-PC 35mm SLR camera that she carried everywhere with her for 17 years. Today, she shoots with Nikon DSLR cameras. Despite shooting primarily with digital now for thirteen years, she still has a love for collecting vintage film cameras, as seen displayed in her studio  shelves.

When not photographing clients, Tracy loves spending time with her husband, Rob, their teenage son, Campbell, and Border Collie rescue, Roxie. With two artists in the family (Rob is an architect), they enjoy going to art galleries and listening to live music. She also has a passion for books and thinks the idea of laying by White Rock Lake with a good one all day sounds amazing, but unfortunately doesn't make nearly enough time to read. She loves to cook and lucky for her boys, is pretty good at it. Just don't ask her to bake something since she hates following directions and lives for savory foods!